DC Universe's Titans Might Have the Male Version of Dove

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DC Universe's Titans show is being talked about; for better or worse. Sure, people like the costume that Robin wears but they also don't like Starfire's costume or Raven's whiny personality. One thing fans are really positive about however is the focus on Hawk and Dove, who look great and kick a lot of butt.

The Dove in Titans is the second one from the comics, who has proven to be more popular than the original male counterpart. Because of this, it seemed like DC would ditch the original male version and make the female Dove the "first" one in the series. Seems like that isn't the case as SuperBroMovies has revealed that Elliot Knight will be playing the role of the first Dove.

According to the report, Knight will be Don Hall, a recurring character who will only appear in flashbacks. It's easy to presume that he died in battle just like his comic book version, hence the female replacement. Hall reportedly dies before the series starts, so expect a lot of development to come from that.


Fans who watch television regularly will recognize Knight from How to Get Away With Murder and Once Upon A Time. The man is talented and it will be interesting to see how many episodes he appears in.

Titans will debut this fall, along with the DC Universe streaming service.

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