Here’s What Josh Brolin Could Look Like As Cable In Fan Art

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There’s been a lot of names floating around for the role of Deadpool 2’s Cable during the past few months, however 20th Century Fox has just revealed today that the role hadn’t gone to any of the previous candidates in the running.Instead the role had been rewarded to a surprise contender: Marvel’s Josh Brolin.

Though fans may have had other stars in mind, the American actor is no stranger to the comicbook movie industry – after all he is Marvel’s Thanos. To give fans an idea of what he could look like as Nathan Summers , BossLogic who has been making cable art for some of the rumored Cable candidates like Pierce Brosnan and Michael Harbour has just come out with art of Brolin as Cable.

Check it out down here:


It isn’t hard to imagine Brolin as Cable – after all the actor has played military-type characters in other films(eg. Sicario) before and his rugged look definitely fits with Cable’s. Not only would that, but his blunt and straightforward sense of humor definitely fit in with the mutants. It’s amazing how the studio managed to get Marvel and Disney to overlook the fact that Brolin was already playing Thanos for the MCU. Then again, though they are related, the X-Men franchise isn’t really connected to the MCU.

 20th Century Fox did a good job of casting Brolin as Deadpool’s partner.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled for release sometime 2018.  

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