Here's How Ma Dong Seok, Son Seok Koo React To The Roundup's Box Office Journey

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The Roundup lead stars Ma Dong Seok and Son Seok Koo spoke about the continued success of the action crime movie.

The ​​ Kang Yoon Sung and Lee Sang Yong-directed film, also known as The Outlaws 2, has been in the top spot of the Korean box office since it was released on May 18.

The movie recently surpassed 10 million audiences in less than a month since its premiere; the two lead stars shared their thoughts on The Roundup's achievement.


Ma Dong Seok and Son Seok Koo on The Roundup Reaching 10 Million Mark

According to Xports News, the lead stars, including the cast members and directors, expressed their honest thoughts about the movie's success.

Director Lee Sang Yong mentioned that he "never dreamed that it would turn out so well," but he is "grateful that the audience responded so well."

The same goes for Ma Dong Seok, also known by his American name as Don Lee shyly responded and said that until now, he is still confused with the overwhelming response of the public.

Even his co-star Son Seok Koo said that he is "shocked" that The Roundup reached 10 million moviegoers, expressing his big thanks to those who supported the film.

In The Outlaws sequel, Ma Dong Seok reprised his role as the monster detective Ma Seok Do.

It has been four years since he and his team successfully wiped out Garibong-dong, and now they are back to hunt the new villain, Gang Hae Sang.


Known as the serial killer, Gang Hae Sang, played by Son Seok Koo, escaped South Korea and moved to Vietnam to continue his crimes–victimizing tourists.

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Cast Members on their Synergy in The Roundup

The Roundup consists of old and new cast members. Fellow lead star Choi Gwi Hwa reprised his role as Chief Jeon, while Jung Jae Kwang was among the new cast playing Kim Sang Hoon.

During the interview, as noted by the same outlet, he expressed his hesitations about joining the team and doing action scenes, but he shared how martial arts directors and co-stars Ma Dong Seok, Choi Gwi Hwa, Dong Won and ha Joon "guided" him well.


As for Ma Dong Seok, who is also the executive producer of the film, shared his extraordinary feelings during the team's box office journey

He said that he is "grateful" l for the lead and supporting actors adding that the movie has touched him in so many ways.

"The production team and actors all worked together with one heart and one mind, and it was fun to talk about, but there were also painful parts," he added.

The Roundup is the highest-grossing movie of all time that premiered in May.

It beat the award-winning Bong Joon Ho film Parasite, the 2014 Disney movie Frozen and the 2014 Hollywood film Interstellar.

Interestingly, the highly talked about sequel scored a perfect 100 percent in Rotten Tomatoes both for Tomatometer and audience score.

Most of the comments lauded how "stunningly choreographed" the combat sequences are as well as delivering "plenty of thrills and adrenaline-pumped action" that is worthy of the 2017's sequel.


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