Henry Cavill has Hilarious Response to Ryan Reynolds' Mustache Joke

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It is known that while filming for the Justice League movie, Henry Cavill was actually sporting a mustache and had to be removed through CGI in order to maintain the hero's look on-screen. A lot of people consider the special effects as somewhat funny and left Cavill looking a bit weird. And till now, some people can't let that thought go, including Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.

When Reynolds made a recent ad for Aviation Gin, he mentioned that the drink makes one feel like a superhero. As he says this, he actually has a mustache too, but revealing after taking a sip that it was actually just CGI. And although he didn't mention Cavill, this is obviously a shot at the actor for his epic edited stache in the film.

Cavill didn't take this as an insult since Reynolds is known for making such comments towards his colleagues. In fact, he even went on with the joke and replied on Instagram. You can check out Fandom's tweet about it below.


It's really nice to know that Cavill just laughs about the situation of his digital mustache removal and is handling jokes like these very well.

To date, people are still on the fence about Cavill's mustache on Justice League and aren't necessarily fond of how the CGI turned out. Most of the fans liked it though since it just looked natural for the hero to have facial hair.

For now, there's no telling if there'll be a third movie for Deadpool in the near future. On the other hand, Cavill will be starring in The Witcher to be released on Netflix on December 20.

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