THE BOYZ Expresses Confidence in Group's Teamwork After Years of Performing Together

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Credit: THE BOYZ/YouTube Screenshot

THE BOYZ still has a lot to offer following their debut in 2017.

The boy group, formerly known as Cre.kerz, immediately impressed K-pop fans when they released their first extended play, The First. The then-12-membered group continuously showered fans with EPs, singles, and new projects.

So far, they have already produced several hit songs and albums, including Reveal, Breaking Dawn, Dreamlike, Thrill-ing, and The Sphere.

This time, four members of the group shared how they managed to survive in the industry through the teamwork they developed since their debut.

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THE BOYZ Has Harmonious Relationship Due to Teamwork

THE BOYZ’s four members – Younghoon, Hyunjae, New, and Kevin – recently became the subject of Singles magazine. The K-pop idols shared information about themselves, including their teamwork and future goals.

According to Younghoon, they feel comfortable and familiar no matter who they are with. He explained that the members feel the same way due to the teamwork they have. He added that he aims to continue performing with the group and offer fans songs that can give them strength.

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Meanwhile, Hyunjae and Kevin said:

“We believe that when we throw our hat in the ring as a team and not as individuals, that’s when we finally attain perfect teamwork, so the members who are chasing and working towards the same goals are a huge source of strength for me. In order to achieve flawless chemistry with the other members, who are exceptionally talented, we don’t slack off when it comes to working on self-improvement, and I think that’s why we’re able to repay our fans with flawless performances, which makes us happy and excited.”

Younghoon added that the members develop a bond that helps them race together toward one goal. Although they always take risks whenever they try something new, he and the whole THE BOYZ eventually feel secure because of the group and their members.

THE BOYZ Knows Each Other Well

Aside from the recent interview, all members previously sat for a discussion with PEOPLE Magazine on its K-pop Quiz segment.

At that time, the K-pop idols confidently said they were close to each other since they knew what their favorites and hobbies are. For instance, they guessed New’s favorite TV show is Begin Again and that Juhaknyeon’s celebrity crush is Girls’ Generation YoonA.

With that said, fans are sure that THE BOYZ will be in the industry for a long time.

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