Heavenly Delusion Reveals Original Heaven and Hell Blu-ray Illustrations

Heavenly Delusion Blu-ray Kiruko

Heavenly Delusion Blu-ray Kiruko

With the series down to its last three episodes, Heavenly Delusion shared the special Heaven and Hell illustrations for the upcoming Blu-ray volume releases.

Specifically, these two illustrations will be printed on the Blu-ray inner jackets. The first volume will feature an illustration of Kiruko and Maru in Hell aka the real world. Also revealed was the unique cover art of Volume 1.

Meanwhile, Volume 2’s cover art has yet to be shown, though the inner jacket illustration of Tokio and Kuku in the Heaven facility was revealed on the website.

Heavenly Delusion Blu-ray Volume 1 Highlights Kiruko and Maru

As the two protagonists of Heavenly Delusion, it makes sense that Kiruko and Maru are on the Volume 1 jacket. Though the outer cover of the volume depicts a hole in a concrete wall, with Kiruko on the other side.

Once you take off the outer cover, you’ll see that the Blu-ray features an illustration of Kiruko and Maru who seem to be in the middle of exploring the post-apocalyptic Tokyo.

Along with the reveal of the inner jacket illustration, more details about the volume were revealed on the anime’s official website.

For starters, this Blu-ray volume will feature the first six episodes of the anime.

It will also come with various goodies and bonus content. These include a special booklet with Masakazu Ishiguro’s manga, a cast roundtable, and more.

Plus, the Blu-ray will also come with a colored illustration from manga creator Ishiguro. Though this seems to only be available for the first set of volumes produced.

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Heavenly Delusion Blu-ray Volume 2 Features New ‘Heaven’ Illustration

Currently, the cover art for Volume 2 has yet to be revealed. Though the inner jacket illustration was shared.

It features Tokio and Kuku in the foreground, with the other kids at the facility in the background.

This second volume will compile Episodes 7 to 11 of the anime, and it will also come with AnimeJapan 2023 stage event recordings, cast and staff commentary, and more.

Though it’s likely that there will be more bonuses that will be announced closer to the volumes’ release.

Heavenly Delusion’s Blu-ray volumes are interesting as they compile many episodes in one. For reference, other titles like Bocchi the Rock! only have two episodes per volume, though each volume is more affordable.

The Heavenly Delusion Blu-ray volumes are priced at JPY 19,800 (around USD 143) each.

Volume 1 will be released on August 30, 2023. Meanwhile, Volume 2 will come out on September 27, 2023.

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Source: Heavenly Delusion anime website

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