Hawkeye: Fra Fee Hypes Up Mysterious Uncle Debut in Episode 5

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There is little doubt that people are just a tad bit curious about Maya Lopez's "uncle" in Hawkeye. Although the character has already been referenced in the previous episodes, we have yet to see the mysterious character who seems to be a truly powerful figure in New York. So are we finally going to meet him in Episode 5? Fra Fee is hyping up the character's arrival in the penultimate episode.

Fee, who plays Kazi in Hawkeye, recently spoke to ComicBookMovie where he was asked about the mysterious "uncle." Not surprisingly, Fee was quick to hype up the character's arrival as he discussed his and Maya's relationships with "Uncle Dave."

"Yeah, 'Uncle Dave,' he’s very important to us both," Fee said. He then pointed out that the character sees Kazi differently from Maya.

"Yes, you’re right in thinking Kazi is definitely higher up that most the tracksuits, and if anything, would’ve seen himself in a higher position than Maya. As I said, this organization has been everything that is important to him and for Maya to have somehow found her way up there, when it’s always been Kazi’s ultimate driving force," Fee said.


"That’s probably a very, very tough pill for him to swallow. But, yes, this is an escalating order of importance and even Maya has to take her orders from someone," he concluded.

It looks like we'll finally get to see some tension between Kazi and Maya when "Uncle Dave" shows up this Wednesday. But will this lead to Kazi embracing the Clown persona? Fee certainly has big plans for his character but we'll have to wait just one day more to find out if he goes full-on Clown.

Hawkeye Episode 5 has not yet been given an official title. However, it is already set to premiere on Disney+ on December 15, 2021.

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