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Harry Styles Gives Discouraging Update on His MCU Return

Harry Styles made his MCU debut last year during the first post-credits scene of Eternals when he was introduced as Eros/Starfox which teases that he will have a major role in the franchise moving forward. However, since then, we haven't heard anything about his next MCU appearance and now it looks like it might take a while before we see him again.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Styles discussed his future in the MCU and his plans for his acting career where he revealed that he will be taking a break from movies for a while to focus on his music career. His decision comes as he is starring in both Don't Worry Darling and My Policeman which are both set to release this year.

"I don’t imagine I’d do a movie for a while," Styles said. "I think there’ll be a time again when I’ll crave it. But when you’re making music, something’s happening. It feels really creative, and it feeds stuff. A large part of acting is the doing nothing, waiting thing. Which if that’s the worst part, then it’s a pretty good job. But I don’t find that section of it to be that fulfilling. I like doing it in the moment, but I don’t think I’ll do it a lot."

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Styles also made a joke regarding how Eternals is only his MCU appearance so far, "It’d be funny if that was it, wouldn’t it?"

So far, Marvel Studios has not made any confirmations regarding their plans on Styles' future in the MCU although there have been rumors that he will star in his own spinoff project and potentially be involved in the rumored Eternals sequel.

While it might be concerning to hear that Styles will take a break from his acting career, it doesn't put down any possibility of his eventual MCU return. If any, it might be a hint that his next MCU appearance will be in a project that will be released in a few years after he decides to focus on his acting career again.

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Eternals is available to stream on Disney+.

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