Eternals Star Reveals Sequel is Happening

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Despite being the lowest-rated MCU film from the critics, Eternals was still a success at the box office and received a very solid audience score and Marvel Studios still has plans for the characters to have a presence in the future of the MCU whether it's on a direct sequel or segue them into other projects instead. So far, they haven't confirmed any plans even in the recent San Diego Comic-Con Hall H panel.

However, during an appearance on The Today Show, Patton Oswalt, who voiced Pip the Troll in the post-credits scene of Eternals, accidentally revealed that a sequel to the film is happening with Chloe Zhao returning to direct. While he didn't reveal any specific details, he did express his hope that Starfox and Pip will have a bigger presence.


"They have announced there's going to be an Eternals sequel, Chloe Zhao is going to direct it," Oswalt said in the interview. "So hopefully there will be more adventures of Starfox and Pip."

Marvel Studios has not made any confirmation that they are working on a sequel to Eternals so it is surprising to see Oswalt make such an announcement. It seems that he revealed the information by mistake as he thought that it's already been announced by the studio. There is a chance that we will hear an official confirmation at the upcoming D23 Expo.


While the box office wasn't as big as most MCU films, it is still not surprising to hear that they're working on a sequel since Marvel Studios always make a follow-up to almost every solo film that they released and the first film also ended on a cliffhanger that they might address in the sequel.

Let's just wait and see whether Marvel will make an actual confirmation about the project soon now that Oswalt has revealed its existence.

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Eternals is streaming on Disney+.