Harry Potter TV Show HBO Max Early Development News and Updates

Credit: Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Rumors have been lurking around the internet that the wizards from Hogwarts will be returning to the scene through a television show and things are going pretty quick as it seems that plans are pushing through.

Despite the statement released by Warner Bros. and HBO Max that there would be no Harry Potter series under development within their studios or streaming site, according to Variety, it has been confirmed that a Harry Potter series is indeed a project in its early stages of development at HBO Max.

Albeit no writers have been confirmed for the project, conversations have already happened with various writers on the potential Harry Potter series. In addition, it is still unknown which part of the timeline the series would focus if the series pushes through.Being one of the most popular franchise of all time, both the book and film series, Harry Potter's success has proven to persist through the years with a solid fan base excited upon hearing the news that the Harry Potter series is in sight.

Rumors have also spread that the series will be recasting beloved actors that wore the robes of wizardry throughout the years as it could star the original film cast including Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson..

The Harry Potter books sold over half a billion copies worldwide whereas the film series grossed approximately $8 billion throughout the world. Its spin-off film series, "Fantastic Beasts," has released two prequels out of five with the third film expected in 2022.

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With the continuing streaming wars between various streaming platforms, having a Harry Potter series under the belt would be a contender to get ahead of the ongoing competition as Harry Potter, may it be on books or on films, has a huge fan base.

HBO Max banking on a Harry Potter series would be no surprise as it would definitely step up their game and stay at par with their competitors on the stream wars.The stream wars heightened especially in time of the pandemic as most people are mandated to stay at home and streaming online has been one of the many options to keep people entertained while at home in the effort to flatten the curve.

With Disney+ banking on Marvel, Star Wars, and its own production company in releasing shows like WandaVision, The Mandalorian, and more to come, HBO Max is already in the game with multiple DC releases including the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut.

Having HBO Max to start a potential Harry Potter series, fans are hoping to see the film series in the same streaming platform as well before the release of the series to either refresh their memory on the story or re-live the life of the boy who lived.

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