Harry Potter Actor Admits Feeling 'Suffocating' About Working on the Movies

Rupert Grint's career trajectory changed thanks to his beloved portrayal of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Even years after the last film in the series was released, he is still largely associated by the public with that role and he was also able to participate in Harry Potter-related activities such as last year's HBO Max reunion special.

However, while his role in the Harry Potter films changed his life and made him earn the career that he has right now, he admitted in a recent interview with Bustle that it wasn't an entirely pleasant experience for him as he found it "suffocating" and it made him even question his acting career after the series.

"Potter was so full on — [filming] all year, then we’d promote the rest of the time. It was quite suffocating," he revealed. "I wanted a break, to reflect on everything... It was an out-of-body experience for a while, but I think we finished at the right time. If we continued, it could’ve gone downhill."

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Despite his "suffocating" experience working on the Harry Potter films, Grint clarified that he is still grateful about being part of the series and he revealed that there are still fans who call him by his character's name which he doesn't mind at all.

"I answer to it, if someone calls me Ron. It’s my second name," he said with a smile.

Considering that he was one of the stars of the franchise and had a huge responsibility in the role ever since he was a kid, it is understandable to hear that Grint has that experience when he was working on the Harry Potter films. Fortunately, it sounds like he was able to get over it eventually.

It also took years for Grint to become a more established actor outside the Harry Potter films. Now, he is starring in the hit Apple TV+ series Servant which is currently airing its fourth and final season and is also part of the new M. Night Shyamalan film Knock at the Cabin.

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