Han So Hee Injury: Actress Suffers Eye Injury On The Set of New Drama

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Han So Hee sustained an injury while filming her new drama Gyeongseong Creature.

In an update reported by Newsis, the actress had a minor eye injury while doing an action scene.


Han So Hee Injury Update: Actress Transferred to Second Hospital to Receive Treatment

As obtained by Soompi, Sports Chosun initially reported that the 27-year-old actress was immediately brought to an emergency room after suffering from a facial injury

The incident occurred during her high-level action scene for the upcoming thriller drama series.

Following the report, Han So Hee’s agency, 9ato Entertainment, released a statement confirming the incident and gave updates regarding the actress’ health status.

“Fortunately, it’s not a major injury. She’s not in a state where she has to get surgery.”

However, in the latest update regarding Han So Hee’s injury, the talent label shared that she “was taken to a nearby hospital and received treatment.


Based on the doctor’s diagnosis, she was advised to undergo surgery and had to be transferred to another hospital.

“As a result, she was diagnosed that it was good to have it stitched, but it was not easy to determine because her injured area was her face,” the agency shared, adding “so she was transferred to another hospital for treatment again.”

The agency also added that the actress is “currently resting at home” but needs to observe the progress of the treatment.

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Han So Hee’s New Drama: Gyeongseong Creature Cast, Release Date, and What We Know So far


Gyeongseong Creature, also known as K Project is one of the highly anticipated K-dramas as it boasts an interesting cast lineup.

Apart from the Hallyu actress, K-drama heartthrob Park Seo Joon will be among the lead stars.

Joining the upcoming thriller drama series is Squid Game star Wi Ha Joon.

Helmed by Hot Stove League and It’s Okay to not be Okay director Jung Dong Yoon and penned by Kang Eun Kyung of Where the Stars Land, Dr. Romantic, and Forecasting Love and Weather, the soon-to-be-released series is set in 1945 that focuses on two young adults and their survival after encountering a mysterious creature

Park Seo Joon took the role of a well-known and not to mention, richest man in Bukchon named Jang Tae Sang while Han So Hee plays Yoon Chae Ok, who is skilled with guns, knives, and machinery. Her mission is to find the missing people.

With Han So Hee’s injury, her agency said that it is not necessary to move the filming schedule.

While Gyeongseong Creature is currently in production, the target release date for the upcoming series is sometime next year.


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