Han So Hee Tattoo: Reason Why My Name Star Have Decided To Remove It

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Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Han So Hee is not just a talented actress but also one of the prettiest faces in the Hallyu world.

She mesmerized fans with her solid acting and captivated various brands with her stunning visuals and influence on the public.

From appearing in music videos to supporting actress and now headlining smash hit K-dramas like Nevertheless with Song Kang, Netflix's My Name with Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Hee Soon, and her recent was the Disney+ series Soundtrack #1 with Park Hyung Shik.

Interestingly, Han So Hee will return with a highly anticipated K-drama K Project and team up with Park Seo Joon and Squid Games' Wi Ha Joon.

However, before her success as an actress, The World of the Married star had different visuals compared to her current look.

Han So Hee's Pre-Debut Look Resurfaced

The actress' pre-debut look sent netizens into a frenzy as fans noticed that her vibe totally changed when she became an actress.

Fans mentioned that she exudes a major girl crush with her short dark hair and tattoos. Some even wondered if her Han So Hee's tattoos were real.

Is Han So Hee's Tattoo Real?

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the 27-year-old actress previously sported tattoos around her arms.

Based on various fan accounts, the actress used to have a flower tattoo on her upper arm. Interestingly, she also had three tattoos on the other side of her arm.

Aside from Han So Hee's tattoos, a picture of her smoking cigarettes became a trending topic online.

However, In February 2022, the actress shared a post on her Instagram with fans piquing interest in one specific photo.

Alongside various snaps like a selfie, foodstagram and jaw-dropping scenery, it includes a photo of what looks like a tattoo of lines forming an image. This sparked fans' curiosity about whether the actress has started to get her tattoos removed.

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Did Han So Hee Have A Tattoo Removal?

Based on her current Instagram photos, there's no trace of Han So Hee's tattoo on her posts, and she never spoke about this publicly.

With this, fans began to speculate that she had it removed when she debuted as an actress.

However, she once gave hints about "working" and having a "limit" on how you live your life.

As noted by SpoTVNews, she had an interview after wrapping up her K-drama The World of the Married.

As obtained by the outlet, Han So Hee explained, "that past self was me and this current self is also me. My life and thoughts from back then aren't that different from my life and thoughts now," she said, and left a question, "While working, don't we normally develop limitations on life?" suggesting that she is willing to adapt to what her work requires.

Despite South Korea being one of the most developed countries in Asia, tattoos and the act of tattooing are still outlawed unless you're a medical doctor.

People get criticized, and tv shows restrict celebrities from showing tattoos on air. It might be the reason Han So Hee chose to remove her tattoos completely.


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