Han So Hee Skincare: Nevertheless Actress Reveals Must-Haves In Her Beauty Routine

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

If there’s a list of the most beautiful women in Hallyu, Han So Hee is definitely on it.

Besides her superb acting skills, everyone is drawn to her stunning and head-turning beauty.

With this, there’s no doubt why fashion and beauty brands chose Han So Hee to be their ambassador.

She has been with the global brand L'Oreal Paris since 2020 to represent their hair care products. In addition, she is also the first Korean muse of the makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury.

Adding to the list of Han So Hee’s endorsements is the luxury fashion house Balenciaga, naming the Nevertheless star as their first Korean global ambassador.

Interestingly, the 27-year-old star has a fuss-free beauty routine that everyone needs to cop.

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Han So Hee Skincare: The Secret to her Radiant and Glowing Beauty

During her 2018 interview with Arirang, the actress dishes out the one thing she prioritizes to maintain perfect-looking skin.

Han So Hee’s skincare secret is having enough sleep. The World of the Married star puts emphasis on getting a dose of rest through sleeping.

"Sleep is related to one's complexion [so] I try to sleep at least four hours a day," she said.

Although 4 hours seems not enough for some, as specialists recommend at least getting 8 hours of sleep for the body to regenerate, the actress tries to squeeze in some naps in between takes or during her free time.

Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

According to a report, it’s not about the total hours but having good-quality sleep on a regular basis is much more important to feel rested when you wake up.

As for the skin, it helps repair itself and produces more collagen making skin plumper and less likely to have wrinkles.

On top of it, it helps reduce stress and improves mood, healthy weight and a stronger immune system.

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