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Han Ji Hyun Skincare: A Guide to The Penthouse Actress Glowing Beauty

Credit: KOCOWA TV / YouTube screenshot

The Penthouse trilogy stars Han Ji Hyun as one of the drama’s villains where she gained popularity for playing the evil twin Joo Seok Kyung.

Due to her stellar performance and convincing portrayal of Cheon Ah Arts School’s queen bee, the rising star is slowly making a name for herself in K-dramaland.

From villain, Han Ji Hyun plays one of the lead stars in the upcoming series Cheer-Up with Bae In Hyuk and All of Us Are Dead actress Lee Eun Saem.

With her skyrocketing popularity and not to mention her undeniable charm, the 26-year-old actress was selected as NEEDLY’s first muse.

In a video with the skincare brand, the actress shared her minimalist beauty routine.

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Han Ji Hyun Skincare

In a Get Unready With Me video, she starts her routine by using a mild cleanser. This type of cleaner is great for people with sensitive skin since it doesn't include harsh ingredients like alcohol and fragrance.

As her next step, she uses Needly’s Daily Toner Pad to remove excess dirt and impurities on the skin.

Han Ji Hyun’s skincare also includes putting face oil as her third step. It could easily hydrate and strengthen the skin’s barrier by trapping moisture in the skin.

“If your skin lacks moisture, this oil prevents moisture from escaping and gives a fresh finish without leaving any stickiness,” she explained.

For her, last nighttime beauty routine, the actress uses Panthenol Water Gel Cream to lock in moisture and plump the skin.

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