Jeon Yeo Been Skincare: Vincenzo Star Spills Secret to Having Porcelain Skin

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Jeon Yeo Been is among the Korean celebrities who are stunningly gorgeous even without makeup.

The Vincenzo star even shares unfiltered selfies, flaunting her bare face on her Instagram.

Jeon Yeo Been Skincare

According to reports, Jeon Yeo Been’s skincare includes the basics like cleansing, moisturizing, and of course sunscreen.

Besides her minimalist routine, the actress also prefers the less is more concept in beauty. It means being bare-faced as much as possible given that she is often on makeup because of her work.

With this, the rising star, through her Instagram, encourages women to minimize the layers of cosmetics and love their skin.

In addition to Jeon Yeo Been’s skincare is detoxifying. While Koreans are fond of going to saunas and having warm baths, detoxifying the skin through these helps eliminate toxins and promotes blood circulation.

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Jeon Yeo Been’s Endorsements

Her charm, perfect-looking skin, and undeniable beauty are one of the main reasons brands love the Vincenzo star.

In 2021, Jeon Yeo Been was selected as one of the new global ambassadors for the international cosmetic brand, Giorgio Armani Beauty.

Moreover, the actress was also chosen as the muse for the clean, cruelty-free Korean skincare brand Ku:s Beauty.

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