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Park Eun Bin Skincare: Here’s Why The Extraordinary Attorney Woo Scores Several Beauty Brands

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

From being a child actress to an in-demand female lead, Park Eun Bin never fails to amaze viewers with her amazing acting skills and effortless charms.

Through the years, K-drama fans witnessed how the actress blossomed into a stunning lady with head-turning beauty.

Park Eun Bin Skincare Routine

According to a report, the Extraordinary Attorney Woo star prefers a simple and fuss-free beauty routine.

Park Eun Bin’s skincare focuses on having fewer products but concentrates on the basics like cleansers and serums.

In addition, she also avoids alcohol-based beauty products since they can dry out the skin and eventually disrupt the skin's barrier.

Interestingly, her effortless and youthful beauty is also the reason brands love her.

According to Channel Korea, cosmetics brand A’PIEU who tapped Park Eun Bin as their endorser revealed that her image and charm were the reason why they chose her as their brand ambassador.

“Park Eun Bin’s clean, innocent image fits well with our brand’s concept, which emphasizes the use of natural ingredients to bring out a healthy glow. We felt that she would be the best model to express our product’s title, ‘The innocence of a 20-year-old,” the company’s representative shared.

However, the actress did not escape the prying eyes of the media after some questioned if Park Eun Bin had plastic surgery.

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Park Eun Bin Plastic Surgery Rumors

In the same report, the actress illustrates the same facial features like her smile, small lips, and half-circled eyes

However, some pointed out the subtle differences like her jawline but this might be because of puberty.

Although she never addressed this issue, the 29-year-old star still has the same features like her eyes, nose, and lips.

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