Ha Jun Details Preparation For Upcoming Bromance with Kim Jae Wook in Series, Crazy Love

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Credit: KBS DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Ha Jun will soon show a rollercoaster ride alongside Krystal Jung and Kim Jae Wook in the KBS2 series, Crazy Love.

Starting March 7, the trio will tell the love triangle between a math instructor, secretary, and deputy representative. Kim Jae Wook’s Noh Go Jin serves as the CEO of the top math institute, GOTOP, but starts pretending he has amnesia after receiving death threats. His quiet secretary (Krystal Jung)s pretends to be the male lead’s fiancé.

Meanwhile, Ha Jun’s Oh Se Gi is the only person Noh Ho Jin can rely on. He is the education company’s vice president who pledges to protect his people. With that, many fans expect that there will be a shocking bromance between the two male characters.

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Ha Jun Starts Bromance With Kim Jae Wook Before Filming Drama

Ahead of the drama release, Ha Jun spoke about his bromance with Kim Jae Wook in a new interview. According to the actor, he would always text his co-star to buy him food to become close with him.

Even on Kim Jae Wook’s busy days, he reportedly bought him food. From there, the two established a closer relationship that they became more comfortable in visiting each other’s houses and playing video games together.

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Ha Jun’s character aims to take care of his employees who have been hurt by Noh Goh Jin. Despite Kim Jae Wook’s negative attitude, Oh Se Gi reportedly wants others to understand the lead.

“He also wants others to recognize the true value of Go Jin, who is really a warm and good person,” Ha Jun went on. “Since Oh Se Gi is a character who gives people strength just by being around them, I also came up with a lot of cute gestures for him. He often gives ‘thumbs-up’ to the people around him. I think that he’s also the most studious of all the characters I’ve played.”

What Ha Jun Thinks About Crazy Love

In the interview, Ha Jun revealed his desire to be part of a romantic comedy. After years of waiting, he was tapped to play a titular role in the series.

Per Ha Jun, he thought that Crazy Love was refreshing and funny soon after seeing the script. The drama also entertained and comforted him at one point.

Other cast members surely felt that way, as well, that the actor assured the future viewers they would find other cast members entertaining to watch.

Aside from Ha Jun, Kim Jae Wook, and Krystal Jung, viewers can also expect to see the praiseworthy performances of Im Won Hee, Go Kyu Pil, Baek Joo Hee, Kim Ki Nam, and Lee Si Eon, among others.

Crazy Love will arrive on March 9.

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