Gundam: The Witch from Mercury and COSPA Unveil Suletta and Miorine Cosplay Uniforms

Witch from Mercury COSPA Miorine

Witch from Mercury COSPA Miorine

While we wait for the next season to release, Gundam: The Witch from Mercury announced official Suletta and Miorine cosplay uniforms from COSPA.

Thanks to the show’s popularity, various fan art and cosplays of its two main characters have been shared online in the past few months.

Now, with these official cosplay outfits, fans can have an easier time dressing up as Suletta or Miorine.

The Witch from Mercury’s Suletta and Miorine

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The Witch from Mercury put Gundam back on the map thanks to its memorable characters and unique twist on the formula. The show started off with school slice-of-life elements – a major departure from other Gundam anime.

What also got lots of attention are the two main characters, Suletta Mercury and Miorine Rembran.

Despite starting off on the wrong foot in the first episode, the two quickly become close.

It’s not entirely accurate to call them friends as Miorine’s brash personality often dominates Suletta’s anxious antics. Though many fans have noted that there seems to be a budding yuri romance between the two.

Even though the show only began in October (not counting the prologue which was released earlier), that hasn’t stopped cosplayers from dressing up as these two, be it online or at conventions.

Many fan artists also imagined the two in lovey-dovey situations. Though that might change when the second season premieres, especially given the harrowing events of the Season 1 finale.

The Witch from Mercury x COSPA Official Cosplay

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For those undeterred by the brutal events of the season finale, the new COSPA Suletta and Miorine uniforms are must-haves to cosplay them.

The Suletta uniform is an accurate recreation of the Holder uniform that she earns after defeating Guel Jeturk in a duel.

Meanwhile, Miorine’s outfit recreates the standard-issue Asticassia School of Technology uniform.

This means the outfit can also be used to cosplay other characters, including Nika Nanaura and even Suletta, as she wears this at the start.

Be ready to shell out some serious cash for these though. Each uniform can be bought with the top and shorts separately.

The Suletta Holder uniform is priced at JPY 58,300 (around USD 444) in total while the Miorine uniform has a price tag of JPY 52,800 (around USD 402) including both the top and shorts.

Pre-orders are available at the official COSPA website, with a target shipping date of June 2023.

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