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Green Mother’s Club Episode 7 Release Date, Predictions, Preview and More: Will Eun Pyo Now Believe Jin Ha’s Words about Chun Hui’s Dark Side?

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Things will be pretty intense in Green Mother’s Club Episode 7 after the unexpected twist. Nobody saw Seo Jin Ha’s (Kim Gyu Ri) death coming, catching Lee Eun Pyo (Lee Yo Won) in the middle and taking all the blame.

As Eun Pyo is in the middle of great despair after Jin Ha’s suicide, she is about to see Byeon Chun Hui’s (Choo Ja Hyun) true colors in Green Mother’s Club Episode 7. Will she now believe Jin Ha’s words about Chun Hui and the latter’s alleged dark side?

Green Mother’s Club Episode 7 Predictions

Several questions are now surrounding the JTBC series. Did Jin Ha really jump off the building to kill herself?

Did somebody kill Jin Ha? Why did Chun Hui and Jin Ha meet before the latter died? Did Chun Hid have something to do with Jin Ha’s death?

Jin Ha’s demise remains to be a big mystery. Sure, her death looked like a suicide, but several questionable events led to her demise.

With that said, Jung Jae Ung (Choi Jae Rim) continuously investigates the matter. However, amid his investigation, Chun Hui seems to have another plan, per Ready Steady Cut.

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When he met Jae Ung inside the elevator going to their units, she revealed Jin Ha told her that her husband, Luis (Roy), was having an affair with a woman in their circle.

Will he find out the woman Chun Hui is referring to is his wife? Will he also accuse Eun Pyo of having an affair with Luis?

Elsewhere, fans are eager to know Chun Hui’s secret and why Jin Ha did not trust her. It looks like Green Mother’s Club Episode 7 has a lot of questions to answer.

Green Mother’s Club Episode 7 Preview

Meanwhile, in Green Mother’s Club Episode 7 preview, Jae Ung will continue his investigation and question Chun Hui. He will ask about the huge bag she brought when she met Jin Ha before committing suicide, per OtakuKart News.

It also shows the talks about Eun Pyo and Luis’ past relationship have spread throughout the neighborhood and people start to accuse Eun Pyo of having an affair with Luis.

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Eun Pyo gets angry with Chun Hui for spreading false accusations about her. A flashback will be then seen, featuring Chun Hui fighting with somebody in a pharmaceutical company she used to work at.

Elsewhere, Kim Young Mi (Jang Hye Jin) will be suspicious of Chun Hui, feeling like she lies about something.

There will also be a confrontation between Jae Ung and Luis. In addition, On Gun Woo (Im Su Hyung) is about to unveil his scary side and viewers may see more about this family this time.

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Young Mi will also be suspicious of her husband and the clip shows her looking for something in the dark.

Back to Chun Hui, she is seen delivering mysterious stuff at night time and complaining about getting into deep trouble. Jin Ha’s stepmom then blames Eun Pyo for her stepdaughter’s death, while Eun Pyo finally confesses the real deal between her and Jin Ha to her husband.

All these and more will be seen when Green Mother’s Club Episode 7 drops on Wednesday, April 27.

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