Twenty-Five Twenty-One Star Nam Joo Hyuk In Talks to Play Faceless Outlaw in Vigilante

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Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Fans are about to see a different Nam Joo Hyuk after the conclusion of Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Different media outlets claimed the actor received an offer to do the K-drama adaptation of the webtoon series Vigilante.

The action-drama series will be different from the roles that Nam Joo Hyuk usually does. So, are fans ready to see the other side of him?

Nam Joo Hyuk as a Vigilante

According to AllKpop, the 28-year-old star may play the role of Ji Yong, a mysterious man who hunts down criminals on weekends.

A reporter, Mi Ryeo, will then discover Ji Yong's real identity, being the veiled vigilante. Since then, he has been part of major headlines and one investigator, Jo Heon, is determined to catch him.

Aside from being a vigilante, he is also a college student preparing to join the police force. He enters the police university to find his parents' enemy.

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By the looks of it, this character will be far from his role as Baek Jin in Twenty-Five Twenty-One. He may undergo a total transformation as a dark hero of a problematic society in this Kim Gyu Sam story.

However, Nam Joo Hyuk is said to be still in talks to play the male lead, Ji Yong. “Nam Joo Hyuk is positively reviewing the offer to star in Vigilante,” a source from Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency Management SOOP said, via Soompi.

Nam Joo Hyuk's Work with Kim Tae Ri in Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Meanwhile, there are no words yet on who will possibly play opposite Nam Joo Hyuk in Vigilante.

He recently worked alongside Kim Tae Ri in Twenty-Five Twenty-One and many love their on-screen chemistry. So, what can the 31-year-old actress say about it?

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“It was so fun to think about acting with Joo Hyuk," she said, via Soompi. "He’s such an exceptional actor."

She understands all actors have their own tendencies, so when she sees that it is different from hers, she wonders how they can do it and how good they are.

"I learned a lot while watching Joo Hyuk," she confessed. "What I wanted to resemble most was his improvisations. He’s really good at improvisations.”

Nam Joo Hyuk even advised her that acting was a lot. Not because people get older it meant they would change a lot.

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"I think that’s true. While a lot of things have probably changed since I was younger, I don’t think the big things have changed," Kim Tae Ri added. "I realized a bit later that things like Hee Do’s identity doesn’t change a lot.”

As of now, there are no words yet about Vigilante's filming and possible release date.


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