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Green Mother’s Club Episode 13 Theories, Preview, Release Date: Is Jin Ha Alive?

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The recent episode of Green Mother’s Club has raised a lot of questions after ending with a major cliffhanger. Episode 12 concluded by revealing someone who looked exactly like Seo Jin Ha (Kim Gyu Ri), so will Green Mother’s Club Episode 13 show if she’s really alive or not?

Many questions now surround the series after the appearance of that mysterious woman. As her luggage has the name Leah Bunuel, is she related to Jin Ha’s husband, Luis (Roy)? It looks like Green Mother’s Club Episode 13 has a lot of questions to answer.

Green Mother’s Club Episode 13 Theories

OtakuKart News noted a Newsen Korea journalist’s theory about the mysterious woman who looks like Jin Ha.

The newly-arrived woman is said to be not Jin Ha but Luis’ step-sister, Leah, who is from France. In fact, at the end of the new episode’s preview, the two can be seen hugging each other.

The theory claim Luis has always been in love with her step-sister. So the moment he saw Jin Ha while he was dating Lee Eun Pyo (Lee Yo Won), he was utterly surprised.

This might be why he wanted to be with Jin Ha instead of Eun Pyo.

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However, when Luis’ adoptive parents died, the hurdle that kept him from pursuing a romance with Leah, he had lost all his feelings for Jin Ha.

This is said to be why Jin Ha’s mental health started to deteriorate. She reportedly knew everything about it, and Luis wanted to run away with their son, Henry (Shin Seo Woo), to be with Leah.

Though this claim is quite absurd, it may also be true, seeing the name “Leah Bunuel” is written on the luggage’s name tag.

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So, it looks like fans have to wait for Green Mother’s Club Episode 13 to know the truth about it.

Green Mother’s Club Episode 13 Preview

Each episode of Green Mother’s Club is getting pretty intense. A new twist happened as fans thought everything was going smoothly after Eun Pyo and Byeon Chun Hui (Choo Ja Hyun) had settled their differences.

In the new episode preview, Jin Ha’s nude photo is circulated by someone she allegedly had an affair with. All the mothers now see Jin Ha’s snaps.

This makes Eun Pyo angry, saying it’s a big crime that falls under the criminal offense of defamation of the deceased. She badly wants to know where the photo comes from and who spreads it.

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Oh Gun Woo (Im Su Hyun) is then seen looking distressed while on a phone call, while people are wondering if he’s Jin Ha’s lover. He then meets Luis, who tells him to handle the matter as soon as possible.

Gun Woo asks his wife, Kim Young Mi (Jang Hye Jin), if she knows Eun Pyoo, who is now mad at her fellow school mom. Eun Pyo believes Young Mi is ruining Jin Ha’s reputation and confronts her in front of many people.

However, Chun Hui advises Eun Pyo not to get involved in the issue. Luis also asks Eun Pyo not to make things more complicated.

Later, Luis meets Leah, who runs to his embrace.

Fans are about to see these and more when Green Mother’s Club Episode 13 drops on Wednesday, May 18.

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