Gotham's Final Season Adds Scarface, Lady Shiva, and Orphan

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Gotham only has one season left and it looks like the creators are going to make the most out of the time they have left. The series has done a solid job with these Batman characters and has even given them some unique twists that made the series feel fresh and not like any other comic adaptation out there, for better or worse.

During an interview with CBR, executive producer John Stephens confirmed that there would be a number of characters from Batman comics that will appear in season five. The ones that will get a lot of attention are Scarface, Lady Shiva, and Orphan, the last of whom will be somewhat controversial with fans.

"There are a whole bunch of characters I want to see that I feel the viewers at large aren't fully aware of, like Scarface or Ventriloquist. There's a great dark version of that character somewhere out there who I would like to see come out. Some characters we know we want to see are Mother and Orphan. We want to see Lady Shiva. We are going to see all those characters in Season 5."

Scarface and The Ventriloquist have always been interesting villains for The Dark Knight, so knowing that the two will be in Gotham should be interesting. Lady Shiva is also a pretty solid choice since she has always been portrayed as a threat in the comics, which should make encounters with her intense.


Orphan is an odd choice since she is one of Batman's subordinates. A former Batgirl (at least in the Pre-Flashpoint continuity), Orphan aka Cassandra Cain debuting in a series where Bruce Wayne is still finding his way will definitely ruffle some feathers. Then again, they might do a twist where she is Cassandra's mom or something like that.

The last season of Gotham will premiere next year.

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