Golden Kamuy Live-Action Movie Shares January Release Date and Trailer

Golden Kamuy Live-Action Asirpa
Credit: 2024 Golden Kamuy the Movie Production Committee

Golden Kamuy Live-Action Asirpa
Credit: 2024 Golden Kamuy the Movie Production Committee

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Golden Kamuy may seem like a standard historical anime at first glance, but fans know how weird and wild the show gets at times. So, it’ll be interesting to see how the Golden Kamuy live-action movie will fare when it gets released early next year.

This upcoming live-action film was announced last year. Now, the movie finally got a new trailer, which revealed its release date, as well as some action-packed new footage.

On top of these, the Golden Kamuy movie’s main cast was also revealed.

Live-Action Golden Kamuy Film Reveals Cast

golden kamuy sugimoto asirpa
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The Golden Kamuy manga may have ended in April last year, but fans still have lots to look forward to. Aside from the confirmed fifth season, a live-action film will also be released in a few months.

Starring as the main character Saichi Sugimoto is Kento Yamazaki, a popular Japanese actor who is best known for playing Arisu in Alice in Borderland, Xin in Kingdom, and L in Death Note.

Joining Yamazaki is Anna Yamada (not to be confused with Anna Yamada from The Dangers in My Heart). Yamada is an actress who starred in many Japanese films, though these aren’t based on anime.

Aside from the two main stars, the rest of the cast has also been revealed. The cast members are as follows:

  • Gordon Maeda as Hyakunosuke Ogata
  • Yuma Yamoto as Yoshitake Shiraishi
  • Asuka Kudo as Hajime Tsukishima
  • Shuntaro Yanagi as Yohei and Kohei Nikaido
  • Ryohei Otani as Genjirou Tanigaki
  • Katsuya as Tatsuuma Ushiyama
  • Katsumi Kiba as Shinpachi Nagakura
  • Hisako Okata as Huci
  • Makita Sports as Takechiyo Gotou
  • Debo Akibe as Asirpa's great-uncle
  • Hiroshi Tamaki as Tokushirou Tsurumi
  • Hiroshi Tachi as Hijikata Toshizō

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Golden Kamuy Live-Action Movie Gets January Release Date

While the film’s cast members have been revealed, not a lot of info about the story has been shared so far.

Considering that this is the first live-action film in the series, it’s likely going to cover the earlier arcs of the manga.

Fans can at least get an idea of what to expect through the new trailer, which you can watch here:

Live-action anime adaptations may get a bad rap, but from the looks of it, this film has a lot of promise given how impressive the action snippets from the trailer look.

The Golden Kamuy live-action film will be released in Japanese cinemas on January 19, 2024. Currently, there’s no word on international release plans.

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