Golden Kamuy Confirms 'Final Chapter' Season 5 With Mysterious Visual

Golden Kamuy Season 5 Saichi Sugimoto

Golden Kamuy Season 5 Saichi Sugimoto

After the fourth season’s return and subsequent ending, Golden Kamuy announced that the manga’s final arc will get an anime adaptation, essentially confirming Season 5 of the series.

The next installment in the anime series was announced recently by the Golden Kamuy anime staff, and it was revealed via the show’s official pages following the finale episode of Season 4.

Given the problems the anime has faced over the past months, it’s great to see that the manga’s story will be completely adapted into an anime.

After all, lots of anime adaptations don’t get to adapt their entire source material.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Finale Airs Following Lengthy Hiatus

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The Golden Kamuy anime began back in April 2018, and since then, it has been renewed for four seasons as the show’s unique story based on the native Ainu people has been well received.

Though the anime’s production ran into problems during the fourth season.

While it began airing in October as part of the Fall 22 season, its status went up in the air following the release of Episode 6.

This is because one of the show’s main staff members sadly passed away back in November.

While the staff member was not named, it was said that they were an “indispensable” member of the staff. Because of this, the fourth season went on an extended hiatus.

Finally, the anime made a comeback in May with its seventh episode. Since then, the second half of the series was released without any further delays.

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Golden Kamuy Final Arc Confirmed to Get Anime

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The fourth season’s 13th and final episode was released yesterday, and following its broadcast, the anime adaptation of the manga’s final arc was confirmed.

This adaptation is titled Golden Kamuy: The Final Chapter and it was revealed alongside a new teaser visual. Though aside from these, there are no other details revealed yet.

Despite the lack of info, fans were delighted with the announcement. On Reddit, many shared their excitement, stating that Golden Kamuy is deserving of getting a full adaptation of its story.

While there are no details about what the format will be, many theorize that it will be Golden Kamuy Season 5 and may either be a 1-cour or a 2-cour series because the final arc is too long to be a movie, according to fans.

For now, there’s no word yet on when the finale of the Golden Kamuy anime will be released.

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