Golden Child Jangjun Reveals Shocking Detail About His Salary as Boy Group Member

Credit: KBS ENTERTAIN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS ENTERTAIN/YouTube Screenshot

Golden Child Jangjun seemingly revealed one of the downsides of being a K-pop idol.

In 2017, Jangjun officially debuted with Golden Child. Despite their young age, the boy group made their way to the industry and has been making its empire locally and globally.

But the main rapper recently disclosed a fact about his earnings as an idol.

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Golden Child Jangjun Has Not Earned Anything From Group Yet

On July 3, Jangjun appeared as a panelist on the KBS2 show, The Money School, and talked to MC Defconn about his earnings.

As part of the evaluation, the idol showed his bank account, which reportedly had six zeroes.

The host asked him whether he has an income from his group activities. Fans expected that he has been earning a whopping amount from the group’s promotion, but Jangjun revealed that he has not earned anything as a member of Golden Child in the past six years.

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Jangjun said:

“I debuted in 2017 so I am in my 6th year of promotions. I have not received any earnings from our team promotions yet. I only make earnings from my individual schedules. Like this program today. I started having individual schedules like this in 2019. That was the first year I started having an income. It was 7 years after I left home to become an idol. I am having my mother manage my earnings."

It remains unknown why he has not reaped the fruit of his hard work with the group yet. But there has been a trainee debt system, called slave contract, in which the trainee has to cover the costs and expenses of their singing and dancing lessons, living costs, and wardrobes, to name a few.

Jangjun Net Worth 2022

Jangjun trained and debuted under Woollim Entertainment. Although he is yet to earn his group income, he is already one of the richest idols.

Several news outlets, including All Famous Birthdays, estimate that Jangjun’s net worth is around $1.5 million.

As for her solo earnings, he mostly got after appearing in several variety, reality, and radio shows. In fact, he also had his first solo show, Jangstar, produced by Dingo.

His net worth is expected to balloon once he starts earning from Golden Child’s activities.

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