Girl's Day Yura Shares How She Created Her Forecasting Love and Weather Character

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Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Girl’s Day Yura shared her thoughts about her character in the JTBC series, Forecasting Love and Weather.

The Cha Young Hoon-directed series featured Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, and Yura as the drama revealed the story behind those who are working in Korea Meteorological Administration.

The idol-turned-actress played the role of reporter Chae Yoo Jin in the drama, who breaks up with Si Woo and marries Han Ki Joon, Jin Ha Kyung’s ex-boyfriend. Initially, her character was viewed as a villain. However, she managed to win people’s hearts by showing her growth in her marriage.

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Girl’s Day Yura Shares How She Played Chae Yoo Jin Role

Over a month since Forecasting Love and Weather aired its last episode, Yura sat down for an interview and shared details about her character.

According to the actress, she did her best to make sure that her character would not look hateful.

“Seeing that viewers were getting angry at Yoo Jin but also feeling bad for her, I felt good thinking, ‘Mission clear.’ Amidst that, there were a lot of people who understood [Yoo Jin], so I felt a lot of different emotions,” she said.

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As for the drama’s plotline, fans noted that Chae Yoo Jin and Han Ki Joon ended up together after leaving their past lovers. For Yura, she reportedly had no choice but to relate to her. Since her character wanted to get married early because of her family, she reportedly tried to understand the situation.

Girl’s Day Yura Talks About Marriage

Since her character eventually got married in the drama, she was asked whether she thought of doing the same thing in real life.

While getting married has always been in her mind, Yura said that a person has to date for a long time before tying the knot. She recalled how she thought when she was younger that getting married is good when a person loses the excitement of dating.

“I want to date for a long time and then get married. We have to see at least four seasons [together]. That isn’t enough either. I need 12 seasons,” she went on.

As of press time, Yura has yet to date someone and share her story with her fans.


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