GFRIEND Heartbreak: Yuju Announces Official Fan Club Name Following Solo Debut

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Credit: KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

GFRIEND former member Yuju took another leap in her career as a solo artist.

Fans were left shocked after GFRIEND announced their disbandment despite being one of the monster rookies during their debut. Source Music revealed at that time that the members decided not to renew their contracts with the company.

Among the members, Yuju became the first one to find a new agency and career. Months after her official debut, her agency revealed her official fan club name.

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Yuju Reveals Official Fan Club Name

On Wednesday, Yuju’s current agency, KONNECT Entertainment, shared an update on its social media platforms confirming the solo artist’s fan club name. The photo revealed that LUVU would be Yuju’s fan club name, and it also shared the official logo.

As for the meaning behind the name, KONNECT Entertainment explained that LUVU was derived from the word LOVE since the artist wanted to show how much she loves her fans.

With that, they replaced the Y and J in Yuju’s name with L and V.

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“We replaced the ‘Y’ and ‘J’ in Yuju’s name with ‘L’ and ‘V’ to create ‘LUVU.’ It means that Yuju and LUVU are each other’s halves who make each other whole. Yuju’s eternal half, LUVU, thank you for joining her on the start of her new chapter. Please continue to support her,” KONNECT Entertainment went on.

Previously, Yuju expressed her gratitude toward her new agency as the company reportedly believes in her full potential as an artist.

Where Are Other GFRIEND Members Now?

While Yuju chose to sign with KONNECT Entertainment, the other members of the girl group decided to sign with different agencies.

Yerin decided to sign with Sublime Artist Agency, while Sowon chose to pursue an acting career under IOK Company.

Meanwhile, SinB, Eunha, and Umji signed with Big Planet Made and have since re-debuted as VIVIZ. The trio marked their first project with their first mini-album, Beam of Prism.

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