George R.R. Martin Says Game Of Thrones Needed 13 Seasons To Be Faithful To ASOIAF

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People have a lot of complaints about how Game of Thrones ended, but it's probably because the final season felt like it was made in a rush. Not surprisingly, creator George R.R. Martin agrees, claiming that the HBO series needed five more seasons to be more faithful to his book series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Martin recently spoke to Fast Play magazine (via Digital Spy) about his works being adapted into films and TV shows. Not surprisingly, the author stated that the eighth season of Game of Thrones shouldn't have been its final run.


"The [final] series has been... not completely faithful. Otherwise, it would have to run another five seasons," Martin said.

Most fans would agree with Martin on this one but it's best to remember that A Song of Ice and Fire has several characters that didn't quite make it to the TV show. If everyone, like Lady Stoneheart, Jeyne Poole, or Arianne Martell, were included in the series, then Game of Thrones could have gone on for more than 13 seasons.

Interestingly, Martin also stated that adaptations "can be... traumatic" for him. "Because sometimes their creative vision and your creative vision don't match, and you get the famous creative differences thing – that leads to a lot of conflict," he said.

We're not sure if Martin is referring to what David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have done for Game of Thrones with that comment but for now, the writer has other things to worry about. He is still working on the sixth ASOIAF novel The Winds of Winter, which has not yet been given a publication date.

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