George Clooney, Amal Clooney Agreed to Adopt Twins? Ticket to Paradise Actor Allegedly Regrets Not Meeting His Wife a Decade Earlier

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Credit: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

George Clooney and Amal Clooney have been married for eight years. Two years after tying the knot, they welcomed their twins, Alexander and Ella. Now that the youngsters are 6 years old, there are rumors claiming that the Clooneys are finally ready to expand their family.

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George Clooney And Amal Clooney Have Adoption Plans In The Works?

According to New Idea, George Clooney and Amal Clooney agreed to adopt a set of twins. Since they have been sponsoring children in war-torn countries like Syria, the couple knows how important it is to give every child a permanent home.


"It's a no-brainer to adopt. It's something they both feel very strongly about. It's another way of making a difference in the world. They see the joy that adoption brings. This is something they have been talking about for some time," the source said.

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George Clooney And Amal Clooney Open To Adopting Twins Or Siblings?


The source added that George and Amal know that adopting twin babies could be challenging. So, if this will not happen for them, the couple allegedly is open to bringing home a set of siblings.

"If it's not newborn twins, they're also open to adopting siblings. But for now, they're tempering their expectations and grateful for whatever comes their way. It's a very exciting time for the family. Even George can't hide it," the source said.

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George Clooney Wishes He Met Amal Clooney A Decade Earlier?


George, who is 61 years old, allegedly wants time to stop so that he can see his twins grow up. And if he has one regret, that is he didn't meet his wife a decade earlier. This way, they could've been blessed with more children naturally.

"George wants time to stop; that's how happy he is being a dad. Adding to their family is going to keep the magic of those younger preschool days alive as the twins start focusing on their educations. He absolutely loves fatherhood and his only regret is now meeting Amal a decade sooner. They would have had a brood the size of a football team," the source said.

Last year, a source told Us Weekly that George and Amal are happy with having two children. However, it's a never say never situation for the couple.

During his interview with The Guardian, George revealed that he and his wife are very hands-on with their children despite their busy schedules. In fact, they only have nannies at home for four days a week.


"We have a nanny four days a week and the rest of the time it's just us. And during the lockdown, it was just us – for a full year! I felt like my mother in 1964, doing dishes and six loads of laundry a day," he said.

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