Geoff Johns Teases LGBT Hero for DC Universe's Titans

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DC Universe's series Titans has surprised fans and is actually doing well. Everyone expected the series to be a poor, edgy version of the Zack Snyder DC movies, which a lot of people also consider to be poor and edgy, but it ended up being entertaining. Now that the reception is mostly positive and a second season looking likely, Geoff Johns has decided to tease an LGBT hero for the next season.

Speaking with TV Line, the DC Comics writer and producer was asked if an LGBT hero would be added to the show. Johns said that there is a DC hero from the comic books that is already gay and could be debuting in the next season.

"There's one Titan that already is gay, that we've talked about bringing on — probably next season."

Because Johns said that this Titan is already gay, fans are assuming that it is going to be Bunker, an original DC character introduced in the New 52 Teen Titans comics from Scott Lobdell.

This is just an assumption though and we aren't sure if Bunker will indeed be brought into live-action. We actually haven't seen much of Bunker since the New 52 series ended since the character has yet to appear in the Rebirth era. Brian Michael Bendis is bringing back Young Justice though so we might be able to see him appear there.

Speaking of Young Justice, another DC character who is gay is Aqualad, whose sexuality was revealed in DC Universe Rebirth #1. He led the group of characters in the first season of the show and was reintroduced to the comic books during Teen Titans.

Titans can currently be streamed on DC Universe. It will be coming to Netflix since the DC Universe app isn't available in other countries yet.

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