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Game of Thrones: Who Was Lena Headey Playing in Deleted Thor: Love and Thunder Role?

In case you missed it, Lena Headey is being sued by Troika/YMU over unpaid commissions on projects she worked on prior to her departure from her former agency. The biggest surprise was that one of the films listed by Troika happened to be Thor: Love and Thunder although the Game of Thrones star's scenes were reportedly deleted from the theatrical cut.

But were Lena Headey's scenes truly cut from the Marvel Cinematic Universe film? And who was the Game of Thrones actress playing in Thor: Love and Thunder? Some fans claim that Headey still shows up in the movie with a scene-stealing cameo that happens to be in line with the Thor film franchise!

Lena Headey's involvement in Thor: Love and Thunder has been a well-kept secret for a long time and the only clue we had all this time was the actor's well-documented encounter with a huntsman spider (the posts suggested Headey was in Australia at the same time that the movie was being filmed).

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Details about the casting were not revealed but there are speculations that director Taika Waititi personally sought out the Gunpowder Milkshake star. If this is true, this would nullify Troika's commission claims.

As for the role, the report had not revealed which character Headey was playing. However, it is believed that she portrayed a former Valkyrie who may have had a connection to Tessa Thompson's character.

So is Headey completely out of Thor: Love and Thunder? Early reactions to the film have indicated an exciting cameo and one viewer even confirmed that she does appear in the movie. However, it is possible that the final theatrical cut has deleted all of Headey's scenes.

We're truly disappointed that Lena Headey will not be in the movie but we're hoping that her scenes (as well as Game of Thrones co-star Peter Dinklage and Jeff Goldblum's scenes) will be released in the DVD and Blu-ray.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8, 2022.

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