Game of Thrones Star Praises Marvel’s “Mind-Boggling” Secret Invasion

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has been reported to be MCU bound since 2021 and now that the former Solo: A Star Wars Story actress is appearing soon in Marvel’s Secret Invasion, the actress couldn’t wait to share her experience filming for Marvel Phase Five.

Clarke’s MCU role was confirmed to be a part of Secret Invasion back in 2021, an upcoming miniseries based on the popular comic book bearing the same name. Recently speaking with Collider, the actress opens up how “mind-boggling” it was to work at Marvel, sharing her admiration for the franchise and overall, what really grounded her decision to join the MCU. Check out her full quote below:

“It’s mind-boggling.” Clarke explained, “I’ve got to tell you, the way that those shows and films are created is mind-boggling. It’s like everyone at Marvel knows how to unlock the Rubik’s Cube, and you couldn’t even possibly — I can’t do a Rubik’s Cube to save my damn life. I hope a lot of people can’t also.”

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When asked about her experience working on the set, Clarke seemingly mentions the little secrecy contract Marvel Studios always hands out to their new actors, especially when it comes to striking new deals for a new series under the studio.

“It’s like they have some secret thing, and it just works.” Clarke said, “It just works! I’ve tried to understand it, and I’ve tried to be like, ‘Okay, logically how is this, how do you guys, what’s the…?’ They’re drinking some water over there. I don’t know what it is [about it]. It’s fabulous. [...] They nail it. They just absolutely nail it.”

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Amid the “brilliant” work of Marvel, Clarke admits she is not the only actor who looks up to the studios’ works. In fact, she even shared that she would not have been as “chill” if she had been working for Marvel over the years: “We had a lot of laughs. They’re just so chill, and I think I’m not that chill, and I think if I were them, I would be so unchill all the time.”

Marvel’s Secret Invasion is currently slated for release in Spring 2023.

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