Game of Thrones Lyanna Mormont's Actress Cast As Ellie and Joins Pedro Pascal's Joel in the Last of Us

HBO is officially developing a live-adaptation for the hit video game, The Last of Us. Game of Thrones actress Bella Ramsey will be playing the role of Ellie in the upcoming series of the critically-acclaimed game series.

The story of The Last of Us takes place twenty years after modern civilization was destroyed by a zombie-like pandemic ravaging the world. Ellie is one of the central characters who have both a soft and strong side within her. As Ramsey successfully portrayed Lyanna Mormont in the Game of Thrones, she can certainly give justice to the character.

Ellie in the Last of Us
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Ramsey will play the 14-year old Ellie, an orphan. Her character description states that she struggles to balance her instinct for anger and defiance with her need to connect and to below. She also struggles with her newfound reality that she might be the key to save the world.

The Mandalorian actor Pedro Pascal was also hired and cast to play Joel, the other central character of the story. Joel and Ellie will be trekking across the United States, trying to survive despite the perils and monstrosities they are facing.

The Last of Us
is a video game developed by Naughty Dog. The game is able to combine horror and the thrill of escaping "the Infected" which are like zombies. The game is able to put the right jumpscares in the right places that make it very scary. Zombie games have always been popular but what makes The Last of Us special is it is not only a game but an emotional experience for gamers.

If HBO does the live-adaptation really well, this can be another major hit. Both Pascal and Ramsey have come from another very popular HBO series so The Last of Us can be a great addition to that. Zombie films and TV series are often popular. With the game being popular and critically-acclaimed, the live adaptation of The Last of Us will surely make some buzz.

As of this moment, the HBO Max project has no release date yet but can be potentially released from late 2021 to early 2022 due to the timing of the announcement.

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