Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke Refuses to Watch House of the Dragon

There is little doubt that just about everyone has watched the first season of House of the Dragon. After all, the premiere of the Game of Thrones prequel currently has the highest viewership of any HBO show. However, there is one person who has no plans of watching the spin-off series. Emilia Clarke says she is "avoiding" the new show as much as she can.

Emilia Clarke rose to fame as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones and although her character didn't get the ending she deserved, the Solo: A Star Wars Story actor is clearly proud of the HBO series. And although she is excited about House of the Dragon, she isn't exactly planning to watch the first season anytime soon.

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"I just can’t do it. It’s so weird. It’s so strange. No! Can you [forgive me]? It’s too weird," Clarke told Variety. She then continued she is aware of all the good things people are saying about House of the Dragon but she will not watch it.

"I’m so happy it’s happening. I’m over the moon about all the awards… I just can’t do it. It’s so weird. It’s so strange. It’s kind of like someone saying, ‘You want to go to this school reunion that’s not your year? Want to go to that school reunion?’ That’s how it feels. I’m avoiding it," Clarke stated.

It's certainly an unusual reaction to the series but we understand that Emilia Clarke needs to set some limits. Although the Game of Thrones star will not be watching the show, there is little doubt that millions of fans are already looking forward to the second season of House of the Dragon.

It has already been confirmed that House of the Dragon Season 2 will begin production later this year. However, the second season has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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