Gal Gadot Shares Promising Update on Red Notice 2

Red Notice
Credit: Netflix

Red Notice
Credit: Netflix

Red Notice was released on Netflix in 2021 with a rousing success as it became the most-viewed original movie in the streamer of all time and a sequel was immediately in development right after as a result of the reception that it got.

However, since then, we haven't heard any significant update yet about the sequel and the three stars of the film have also been busy lately which puts the project in question since there's some concern about whether they will still be able to make the film.

Now, we finally have an exciting update on the project and it looks like fans have nothing to worry about on the highly-anticipated follow-up.

Gal Gadot Assures Red Notice 2 is Still Happening

Red Notice
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Credit: Netflix

In an interview with Collider, Gal Gadot was asked for updates on the sequel to Red Notice where she revealed that the conversation is still happening and that she already read the script which suggests that production might finally begin soon.

"We're all talking about it. I don't know if I can say anything! I already read the second script and it’s… whoo! We're all very excited about it!" she said.

While Gadot didn't reveal any significant details about what the sequel will be about, the update that she provided is still exciting nonetheless since it is a sign that the project is still happening despite the long wait.

If you also look at the way she responded to the question, she was also very excited about the plans for the sequel which suggests that their follow-up adventure might be bigger or more epic than the first film.

Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds are expected to reprise their roles for the sequel. They previously hinted that more A-listers might join them in the follow-up although that remains unconfirmed for now.

Nevertheless, this should assure fans who have been looking forward to the sequel and it sounds like we might be hearing more updates about it soon, especially once the writers' strike ends. The wait might be longer than you anticipated, but it sounds like it will all be worth it.

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Red Notice is available to stream on Netflix.

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