Former WWE Star Paige Ran And Hid In A Bush When Sex Tape Leaked, But Her Dad's Response To Her Apology Changed How She Felt

Credit: WWE/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: WWE/YouTube Screenshot

Former WWE star Paige admitted that she wasn't sure if she still wanted to be alive when her sex tape leaked. The former WWE women champion shared how the incident changed her life.

Former WWE Star Paige Detailed Most Awful Moment Of Her Life

The ex-WWE star's nude photos and videos leaked in 2017. Paige, who now goes by her name Saraya, talked about the incident when she joined Renee Paquette on her The Sessions podcast on The Volume.

"I was in San Antonio and it was just the most awful moment of my life," Saraya said as quoted by New York Post, as she recounted the time when her sex tape leaked.

According to her, the person she was with at the time showed her a picture on Twitter. Her initial reaction was, "Oh my God." She wasn't sure if it was real and was asking herself.

"I was like, ‘Is that real?’ because I couldn’t believe it was real at first. I was f—ing 19 years old, and I was completely f—ing mortified. I ran out of the house. I ran. I just kept f—ing running," she shared.

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Saraya was so afraid and embarrassed that people would recognize her, so she hid in a bush. She also admitted that at the time, she was battling substance abuse with cocaine and alcohol.

"I was [hiding] inside a f—ing bush, thinking that if people recognize me they’re gonna know," she continued. "I’d never wish that upon anyone, because that’s the most vulnerable part of you. I felt so stupid to have trusted this person at the time. I’ve never done it since. That was a f—ing lesson, I’ve learned, and I’ll never be caught dead doing it again."

She added, "I felt so f—ing stupid, and so embarrassed, and was I already like a f—ing coke head at this time, and loved to drink, and that really f—ing got me to rock bottom where I didn’t really want to be alive anymore, dude. It was f—ing awful. I just was so f—ing sad. I remember being like, ‘if my dad is disappointed with me, I don’t think I could be here anymore."

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Paige Apologized To Her Dad, And His Response Moved Her

Saraya knew that her scandal would affect her family, and she was also embarrassed at them. While in the bush, she called her dad to apologize because she was "so sorry" for what happened. However, his response to her apology moved her.

"Well, what are you sorry for? Who cares?" her dad asked her after she apologized. "You had sex. Everyone’s done it. Unfortunately, you’re just in the public eye. It is what it is. You’ve got to suck it up. It’s gonna hurt for a little bit. People are gonna make fun of you forever."

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Aside from dismissing the issue, her father comforted Saraya by letting her know that no matter what, he was still a proud dad.

"I just want you to know that I’m still proud of you and I’m not disappointed," Saraya said quoting her dad.

After hearing those words from her father, Saraya said her feelings "instantly changed." She also called her brother, who gave the same response as their dad. And her dad and brother's reactions gave her the strength to move forward.

"Well, if my family are OK with me then I’m gonna be OK," she said.

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