Former Momoland JooE Mocked After Girl Group's Disbandment — Here's How She Responds

Credit: MLD ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MLD ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Former Momoland member JooE responded to the malicious commenters who kept on mocking her following the girl group's disbandment.

Momoland ended its nearly 7-year career as its remaining active members left their agency, MLD Entertainment. Weeks after leaving the company, the group released a statement confirming its split.

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Momoland JooE Mocked After Disbandment

Wikitree shared screenshots of JooE's conversation with her followers on her social media Monday.

The K-pop idol uploaded the messages she had been receiving in the past few days after Momoland's disbandment. She also took her time to respond to them.

"There are so many things I wasn't able to say because I'm so used to staying silent. I'm sorry. I will put forth more effort to show my good side. Thank you," she wrote.

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In one of the posted photos, one person can be seen criticizing JooE and the former Momoland members for allegedly writing the disbandment statements just because MLD Entertainment told them to do so.

JooE, on the other hand, defended herself and the group, saying that they wrote the letters with sincerity for the fans.

Another assumed that they just copied what the agency printed for them, and she dismissed the claims once again.

Momoland's Handwritten Letters

The buzz started after internet users noticed that the content of the letters was identical. The idols also talked about taking different parts after the disbandment.

Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy posted identical handwritten letters in Korean and English. Part of the message reads:

"After a long, deep discussion, the six of us members have decided to support for each other to have a great new beginning going forward. Even though we have decided to take our own paths towards our dreams, Us MOMOLAND will always be a team."

Momoland debuted in 2016 through Welcome to Momoland. Before its disbandment, it released four more mini-albums: Freeze!, Great!, Fun to the World, and Show Me. Meanwhile, its three single albums included Wonderful Love, Thumbs Up, and Ready or Not.

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