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Former Actress Shim Eun Ha Clarifies Comeback Rumors After Sudden Retirement in 2001

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Is Shim Eun Ha returning to the TV and film industry decades after her sudden retirement in 2001?

Shim Eun Ha started her career in 1993, and she starred in several hit 1990s series that helped her score more popularity. Among her notable series included The Last Match, Trap of Youth and Art Museum by the Zoo.

Her last project was Dogme 95 film, Interview, with Squid Game actor Lee Jung Jae.

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Reports About Shim Eun Ha’s Comeback Surface

The buzz started Wednesday when the entertainment agency, BY4M, claimed she would make a return to the industry decades after her retirement.

Korea JoongAng Daily shared a copy of the statement from the company, which stated that Shim Eun Ha signed an exclusive contract with BY4M.

"We have signed a contract with Shim for her to appear in productions and have already paid her a down payment," the agency’s press release stated. "We are aiming to finalize and produce Shim's comeback project this year. We are very honored to be able to work with Shim."

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Following the emergence of the news, the actress and her husband, former National Assembly representative Ji Sang Wook, denied that the agreement occurred between them.

The actress’s representative disclosed that Shim Eun Ha and her team do not know to whom BY4M paid a down payment.

The spokesperson added, "I have heard that the CEO of BY4M is leveraging this alleged contract with Shim to try and influence production companies."

BY4M has not responded to Shim Eun Ha’s response yet.

Why Did Shim Eun Ha Retire?

Shim Eun Ha never addressed her retirement nor released a statement to explain what happened.

But in 2003, Korea JoongAng Daily published an article regarding the entertainment news program Midnight TV Entertainment. At the time of publication, the program had been airing Shim Eun Ha’s life story after her then-engagement emerged.

The actress struggled as reporters wanted to know more about her then-boyfriend.

Kim Hyun Jin, a member of a protesting website, said that Midnight TV constantly posted updates about the actress’s story for 10 weeks. When Shim Eun Ha formally announced her retirement, three major sports newspapers claimed she was dating the Major League Baseball player Park Chan Ho.

Although it was immediately proven false, Midnight TV still aired the coverage.

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