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Forecasting Love and Weather: JTBC Works Hard to Make Series More Realistic

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Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Forecasting Love and Weather gears up to present a more realistic drama to K-pop fans.

South Korea's top stars Park Min Young and Song Kang lead the series as they play the roles of general forecaster Jin Ha Kyung and special reporter Lee Si Woo, respectively. They bump into each other as they work together at Korea's national weather forecast service, Korea Meteorological Administration.

Ahead of its release, JTBC dropped new photos on the series' set, showing Park Min Young and Song Kang's characters while working inside their office.

But aside from the realistic images shown on the stills, the network reportedly made the series more accurate by working with experts and weather-related agencies.

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Forecasting Love and Weather Receives Advice From Experts

While completing the series, JTBC reportedly worked with spokespersons, forecasters, and weathermen for six months. It then received helpful advice that made the series' setting more realistic.

Secretary Noh Sung Woon, a former staff in the spokesperson's office at the Korea Meteorological Administration for 27 years, explained how they helped the series hit its goal.

According to the expert, he initially questioned whether it is possible to create a series based on the Meteorological Administration. However, things changed when he saw writer Sun Young working hard with forecasters to ensure they would get the smallest details to use on the series' script.

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"Since it was the first time showcasing my workplace, I couldn't half-heartedly pass by any aspect. I meticulously made sure that the screen or documents the forecasters were looking at matched the scenario and took care of the kind of documents they were analyzing, depending on the weather," he said.

He also revealed they went through the documents published 20 to 30 years ago to accurately include critical details on the series.

Series' Crew Included Detailed Video of Real-Life Typhoon

The secretary's team also savored assistance from the crew, as the team filmed at a national typhoon center to have an exclusive and detailed video of a storm. Forecasting Love and Weather's teaser and clips showed these efforts.

With their hard work and countless discussions, they completed the whole series. Noh Sung Woon acknowledged the hidden workers who work with them to share forecasts with the press.

"Through the Meteorological Administration in the drama, I hope viewers will also think that this information can save someone's precious life and that it becomes helpful in their everyday life," he went on.

Forecasting Love and Weather will arrive on February 12, 10:30 p.m KST.

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