First X-Men: Apocalypse Scene Released Gives A Glimpse Into The Villain's History

Aside from being the most powerful mutant to have ever lived, Apocalypse also sets himself apart from other mutants by being literally the world’s "First Mutant." We saw a preview of this in previous X:Men Apocalypse trailers showing the main villain’s history with Egypt thousands of years ago. 

During past X:Men Apocalypse trailers, that scene was explained by Rose Byrne’s character, Moira MacTaggert. Now, in a scene from the film titled Moira’s Office, we get to dig deeper into Apocalypse’s history after CIA agent Moira explains to James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier and Lucas Till’s Alex Summers how the existence of mutants had been known by the public since 1973. Apparently, there had been various cults back then that saw them as the "Second Coming," and one of those prominent cults is Ashir En Sabah Nur, which is devoted to Apocalypse.

The scene also tackles how the Four Horsemen fits into the story and how the group borrowed their name from the bible – or vice versa.

Check out Moira’s Office below:


While Apocalypse certainly is no god, he might believe that he is since he’s arguably the most powerful being in the planet in the upcoming film. In fact, as previous promotional materials have shown, the villain was the reason for the fall of some ancient civilizations. Regardless of whether he is or isn’t a god, he still is powerful, and the X-Men will have to put up one hell of a fight in X-Men: Apocalypse to defeat this mutant.

The film hits theaters on May 27. 

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