06 Jul 2017 11:13 AM +00:00 UTC

First Pokemon Go Anniversary Event Additions May Disappoint Fans

July marks the first year since Pokemon Go was released and made unbelievable waves in the mobile gaming and augmented reality industry. While the hype has considerably ebbed yet solidified enough to still have a strong following, recent events were supposed to bring back old players and get them walking around and catching ‘mons.

You'd think that the features and events set for the first-year anniversary would be special enough to mark the occasion perfectly. But I guess it's impossible to easily top what has been rolled out in the major update.

Eurogamer got the first few details of the Pokemon Go first-year anniversary, and it only has two major additions. The first is a special Pikachu to be caught in the wild. Starting July 13, the Pikachus that will be loitering around will be wearing Ash's red hat. Now you can add another costumed Pikachu to your collection, if you've been lucky enough to participate in previous events.


The other thing is the introduction of the Anniversary Box, which is a time-limited offer in the Store. The box will have Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls, and a Raid Pass offered at a discount.

As much as I would want to say that these are nice additions, they're hardly a fitting way to celebrate a year's lifespan for the game. I know Legendary ‘mons are expected in the summer and we've just had the recent rollout of features for Gyms. But it would have been nice to have major bonuses or a themed event.

Granted, it's possible that Niantic Labs will still roll out something within the month. But for now, we'll have to be contented with a new costumed Pikachu in our collection.

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