Fire Force Season 3 Reportedly in Production

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There is little doubt that the entire fandom has been waiting for updates on Fire Force Season 3 for some time now. But is it possible that some good news is finally coming soon? A new leak suggests that the third season of the anime is currently in production and will finally be announced!

The first season of Fire Force premiered back in July 2019 and it was immediately followed by Season 2 in July the following year. Since then, fans have been waiting for the third season in hopes to see more chapters of the manga being animated.

So is it possible that Fire Force Season 3 will finally be announced? Several leaks, including one from a trusted Weibo user, suggest that the third season is currently in production. In addition to that, a major announcement about the anime is expected to drop very soon.

This is great news considering that people have been waiting for the third season for almost two years. If Fire Force Season 3 is finally announced, it would help fans as they continue to wait for the anime. Hopefully, we'll get an official announcement very soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Fire Force is based on the manga by Atsushi Ohkubo and follows Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic youth who gained the nickname "Devil's Footprints" for his ability to ignite his feet at will. Ostracized as a child for the fire that killed his mother and younger brother Sho, Shinra joins Special Fire Force Company 8 and finds himself in the company of other pyrokinetics who dedicated themselves to ending the Infernal attacks for good. The company also investigates Companies 1 through 7 for potential corruption in their ranks.


Fire Force Season 3 has not yet been officially announced. Stay tuned for updates on this story.

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