Final Fantasy VII Remake Theme Song Trailer Finally Reveals Cross-Dressing Cloud and Red XIII

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Square Enix has released a Final Fantasy VII Remake Theme Song trailer that not only showcases a musical track from the game, as the title implies but also shows off a ton of story footage. This trailer offers fans their first look at some of the Shinra board members, along with the villainous Professor Hojo and fan-favorite character Red XIII. We knew that they were making this game for the fans but seeing all these spoilers is still pretty ridiculous.

Also, we finally get to see cross-dressing Cloud. That's what we're all here for right? Cross-dressing Cloud. He's a very pretty boy, that's for sure.


While we see a lot of stuff from the original game, like Cloud's childhood, invading Shinra to save Aerith, the aforementioned Red XIII scene, and more, there are also some original elements here. Those weird smoke monsters chasing Aerith and Cloud are seen gathering somewhere and there are more than a hundred of them. We aren't sure how they factor into the game's story but we're willing to check them out.

This is just a fantabulous trailer and continues to make us mourn over the fact that Final Fantasy VII Remake has been delayed. It was supposed to come out on March 3 but has now been delayed to April 10. That is far from the worst delay since games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel's Avengers have been delayed for much longer but it's still depressing.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a PS4 exclusive for one year. Expect it to come out on PC and Xbox One sometime in 2021.

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