Kingdom Hearts 3 Update Will Let Sora Dual-Wield Keyblades Again

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:MIND will be coming out later this month and fans are pretty pumped to see the new story that will be added to the game. We know that there will be more insight into the final battles of the game, along with an epilogue that handles what happened to Sora and how Yozora comes to be. Those who aren't planning on buying the DLC or want to wait a bit will be getting a free update that adds some cool stuff, like dual-wielding keyblades for Sora.

You hear that? Hundreds of Kingdom Hearts fans are now preparing for their Critical Mode run of the game. Awesome.


According to Square Enix, Sora will be getting a new form called Double Form, which will let Sora dual-wield Oathkeeper and Oblivion, which are some of the best keyblades in Kingdom Hearts. This will be part of the Kingdom Hearts 3 1.07 update so fans can look forward to that. We're sure that the news is going to make a lot of fans very happy.

Depending on who you ask, Kingdom Hearts 3 was either a satisfactory or disappointing end to the current saga. There will be more games, as the ending and epilogue essentially confirmed, so getting free updates and DLC to tide us over before a new game comes out is pretty neat. I doubt we'll be seeing Kingdom Hearts 4 news until the PS5 comes out but you never know.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One. Kingdom Hearts Re:MIND comes out on PS4 later this week on January 23 and Xbox One on February 25.


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