Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Been Given a Short Delay

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most anticipated games coming out this year but it looks like fans are going to wait a little bit longer than expected. Just a little bit, don't worry. Square Enix announced that the highly-anticipated now-action RPG will be delayed, from March 3 to April 10. That's only a month from its original release and we'd rather they take their time instead of rushing the game.

Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake, stated that the delay was done do that the game will get some last-minute polish, which will take a couple of weeks. This is totally fine since everyone hates rushed games and we don't want to see Square Enix do that again - *cough*Final Fantasy XV*cough* - so let's hope that the game ends up living to our expectations.


Considering how gorgeous the game is, it looks like the title is going to be a good one, hopefully, the additional polish makes it even better. We're also expecting to see a Day One update, maybe even more, to make the title a more fun one. That's just how modern video games are since updates are here to make them better after release.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will only detail the adventures of Cloud, Tifa, Barrett, and Aerith in Midgar, which is about 30% off the first disc. Hopefully, the next few games do a better job of telling us the whole story. The game will now be out on April 10 in Sony's PlayStation 4.

Via Square Enix

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