Fantasy Island Reimagined as a Slasher Flick for Blumhouse Reboot

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The past few years have seen the light of several reboots and remakes of famous films and television series and this coming 2020 fans of the ABC's Fantasy Island are in for a treat, with a slight twist.

Created by Gene Levitt, Fantasy Island aired from 1977 to 1984 and told the story of the mysterious and enigmatic Mr. Roarke, who somehow had the incredible ability to make the deepest desires of his tropical island resort's guests come true. Often times, these dreams turn into nightmares and this may be where the 2020 film is drawing inspiration from.

As reported by AV Club, the film is set to follow Michael Peña as the peculiar Mr. Roarke, only this time the character is expected to be an overseer who uses the timid fantasies of others in order to complete the more violent ones of others. This is best seen through actress Lucy Hale's character who hopes to get back at a former enemy via what seems to be a hologram which turns out to be a little too realistic.

In addition to Hale and Peña, the film also stars Maggie Q, Portia Doubleday, and Michael Rooker. It is set to hit theaters Valentine's Day next year.

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