Here's Why Fans Aren't Happy with Pedro Pascal's Rumored Reed Richards Casting

Pedro Pascal
Credit: Lucasfilm

Pedro Pascal
Credit: Lucasfilm

With the SAG-AFTRA strikes officially reaching its end last week, a lot of upcoming projects have resumed production. That includes the highly anticipated Fantastic Four reboot which has seemingly been stuck in development hell over the last three years.

Now, it looks like Marvel Studios is ready to unveil the project's official cast and just recently, an interesting name popped up as a potential contender for the Reed Richards role.

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Fantastic Four: Pedro Pascal Reportedly Closing Deal with Marvel Studios and Fans Have Mixed Reactions

Pedro Pascal
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Credit: HBO

Multiple sources, including Deadline and Variety, reported yesterday that Pedro Pascal is Marvel Studios' top pick to play Reed Richards in the anticipated reboot. It's worth noting though that a deal hasn't been finalized but the star of The Mandalorian and The Last of Us may be close to securing the gig.

Insider Daniel Richtman had first dibs on the massive scoop and added that the reboot's final cast has yet to be completed.

However, it seems like a lot of fans are on the fence about him playing Reed in the MCU. On X (formerly Twitter), fans aired their two cents and while some folks are happy with the potential casting, others are against the idea because of the actor's age and simply because he doesn't resemble the character. Check out some of the reactions here:

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Pascal already made headlines earlier this week after rumors floated around the internet that he won't physically appear in The Mandalorian Season 4. His potential involvement in the Fantastic Four reboot seems indicative of his Star Wars future but then again, his minimal involvement in The Mandalorian shouldn't come as a surprise, especially considering he only did voice work for Season 3.

Now, do we think Pascal should be the one to get cast as the MCU's Reed Richards? Sure, he's a phenomenal actor but we also can't help but think that he's already way too exposed and there are actors out there who need the spotlight more than him.

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Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four reboot is currently slated to hit cinemas on May 2, 2025.

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