Fantastic Four: Marvel Studios Reportedly Looking to Cast POCs for First Family

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Credit: Marvel

It's pretty safe to say that Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four reboot is the project most fans are excited about and it's not that hard to understand. For the longest time, fans have been clamoring for a good live-action adaptation of Marvel's First Family after the first two attempts failed to click. However, as it stands, very little is known about the reboot aside from the fact that it will close out Phase 4.

Obviously, Kevin Feige and his crew are not in a hurry to introduce Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm to the fold which is actually a great thing as it gives them plenty of time to work on the project to avoid committing the same mistakes Fox did previously.

Marvel's First Family
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Credit: Marvel

As for the film's ensemble, Feige himself confirmed that they haven't started the casting process but according to a new rumor, the studio has begun conceptualizing what the MCU's First Family would look like.

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According to a scoop from FandomWire, Marvel Studios is looking to cast people of color for "most, if not all" members of the Fantastic Four. The report also claims that they're eyeing young actors between their 20s and 30s. Of course, just like any rumor, take this one with a huge grain of salt.

We all know for a fact that Marvel Studios has been pushing for diversity within the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years now so the idea of them changing the racial lineup of Fantastic Four doesn't seem too farfetched to believe. However, I don't think fans will be down with the rumored plans especially the comic book purists. Hopefully, the studio knows what it's doing.

Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four reboot is currently under development.

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