Fans Find Jinni Left ‘Huge Empty Hole’ After Leaving NMIXX

Credit: NMIXX/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NMIXX/YouTube Screenshot

Jinni reportedly left a huge empty hole when she left NMIXX in December 2022. Two months have passed since; fans seemingly can’t move on from her departure.

Jinni didn’t just leave the group but also JYP Entertainment as a whole. So, how’s NMIXX today after her departure?

Fans Discuss NMIXX After Jinni’s Exit

In an online forum on Pann Nate, as translated by AllKpop, netizens talk about NMIXX and how the group is today after Jinn’s exit.

As one of the senior trainees, one fan said it was nice to see the singer having a good working relationship with other K-pop groups, like Twice, Itzy, and Stray Kids.

The netizen revealed Momo, Nayeon, and Yeji used to talk about Jinni during their V Live broadcasts, saying the latter played a big role in creating the identity of NMIXX.

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"Her presence was hella huge. When she unexpectedly left, even I, as a 'light' fan, was so shocked,” the fan said.

“There must have been so many fans who were extremely shocked by her departure,” the fan continued. "They didn't even give Jinni the opportunity to communicate with the fans one last time before leaving, so it was heartbreaking to see her leave just like that. I can't even watch NMIXX videos anymore because they all remind me of Jinni."

Fans React to Jinni’s Exit, NMIXX’s Status Today

Fans have different reactions to Jinni’s exit after seeing NMIXX’s status today.

One fan said the group was already weak after the 18-year-old’s departure.

"Well, the dance center is Kyujin, the visual is Sullyoon, the one in charge of variety programs is Haewon, and the main singer is Lily,” a follower explained. “These four stirred up a lot of attention. Did Jinni really have that big of an influence...? I think she was spotlighted once during an end-of-year show for her jet-black hair, and that was it."

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However, another found that the lack of popularity of the group is the real issue of their status today, though others saw that her departure left a big hole, knowing NMIXX was still a rookie.

JYP Entertainment Announced Jinni’s Departure

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In December 2022, JYP announced Jinni’s departure from NMIXX and the company.

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It said in a statement,

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.
Jinni, who has been a member of NMIXX up until now, will be leaving the group due to personal circumstances, and her exclusive contract has been terminated.
We apologize for giving many fans cause for concern with this sudden news.
As a result, we are letting you know that NMIXX will be carrying out all of their future scheduled activities as a six-member group.
We ask that you give lots of encouragement to Jinni, who will be walking a new path, and we also ask that NSWER [NMIXX’s fans] give their warm support to the six members who will continue to grow and race toward their dreams.
Once again, we apologize to the fans who have given [NMIXX] so much support.
Thank you.”

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